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Put the Children by a Tree- By Jonny Fluffypunk, written for Forest Schools Birmingham

A wonderful poem, so in tune with forest school that it made us dream of a drizzly day, leaning back on a grand old tree.

Part of the12 POEMS ABOUT SAVING THE WORLD released under Hot Poets on 5th November 2021.

Hot Poets is an Arts Council England-funded project run by Tongue Fu, Chris Redmond and Liv Torc for COP26, placing 12 of our most exciting spoken word artists within organisations in the UK, Africa and the Netherlands working at ground zero of climate change, including the Met Office, the RSPB and the London School of Economics. Learning from global experts, the Hot Poets have researched, written and filmed 12 special poetry commissions, exploring beyond the climate crisis to the science and imagination needed to save our world. The poems are being released one a day throughout COP26.

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