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The Healing Forest - Take a moment

Sharing an absolute favourite poem that has brought much comfort and peace, for parents to enjoy. Well before Forest Adventure Club's creation there was a beating connection with the forest and all its magnificent properties. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness was reaped from both quick forest dips to long strenuous hikes. Along with its fascinating finds such as precariously balanced dew drops, glistening spider web masterpieces, towering trees and mighty potent fungi. Plus all the inviting terminology that surrounds it such as Shinrin-yoku; forest bathing and Komorebi; the scattered light that filters through when sunlight shines through trees, or Pluviophile; a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. It was a special place. It still is. Do I get as much lone forest time as I used to? Definitely not. Do I need it as much as ever? Definitely do. Figured out a way to visit more and restore the balance? Definitely trying.

As parents do you get enough forest time for you? Do you find it healing?

One of our goals is to ingrain forest and nature time in to young children's experiences so it becomes the norm, not a luxury.

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