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Forest Adventure Club


Community: Welcome

Community Partnerships

We have some very exciting collaborations planned that we can't wait to share and we are extremely proud to be part of a local, blossoming community.

We are always keen to hear from you about any collaboration ideas, big or small!

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Eton House International

Forest Adventure Club have partnered with the renowned Eton House International, Sentosa who pioneer a rich Nature Education Programme at their Nature School in Singapore.

Delivering immersive nature-based experiences such as constructing dens, gathering campfire resources from the natural forest environment, learning and putting survival skills into practice and creating excellent and meaningful time to bond, build positive relationships and extend on nature play from the skills learnt.

Tanglin Trust School

Forest Adventure Club have partnered with the prestigious Tanglin Trust School, a British International School in Singapore and the oldest in South East Asia.

Delivering weekly Forest School co-curricular sessions for Reception to Year 3, supporting school children to balance school life and the great outdoors, utilising the Green Corridor and surrounding Heritage Areas for a healthy dose of nature, exploration and fun. 

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Little Oaks Montessori Kindergarten

Forest Adventure Club have partnered with the fantastic Little Oaks to elevate their school curriculum. With tailor made, immersive and wild Forest School excursions across Singapore we brought their Jungle theme to life and offered memorable hands on learning experiences.

Nothing beats an adventure with brilliant school buddies, like at this closely connected school. 


"At Wild Dot we see the creative and observational process of art-making to engage people of all ages to explore with the flora we share our space with and to grow a deeper connection with nature."


Wild Dot

Forest Adventure Club have joined up with Wild Dot to bring wild art to our parent accompanied sessions for 2-4 year olds.


We hand make natural, non-toxic, paints from the flora around us and get creative with forest made paintbrushes and vine tied nature easels. A unique way to learn wonderful skills and a golden opportunity to express freely in the forest!


Girl Scouts

Forest Adventure Club have collaborated with the Girl Scouts and Brownies to support troops earn some of those fantastic outdoorsy and eco friendly badges, whilst experiencing a good dose of Forest School along the way. 


An exciting mix of traditions, values, approaches and shared appreciation for the great outdoors. 

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